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  • Do not click your browser's back button at any time during the payment process.
  • Please have your credit card ready - the payment will not go through if you take too long to complete the transaction.
  • No refunds will be given for any penalties or fees that accrue because of your failure to complete any attempted payment within the programmed time frame (approximately 5 minutes maximum).
  • Your credit card payment will be processed by a third party payment acquirer, partnered with Bank of America, on a SECURE payment page that is completely outside our website. When you click "continue" below, you will be directed to this SECURE payment page. All data related to the credit card is then stored by the third party payment acquirer. The Arizona Corporation Commission does not collect or retain any credit card information.
  • You are filing AN ANNUAL REPORT. Please be sure that this is what you intended to purchase BEFORE clicking continue.
  • All Regular filing fees, Expedite and Electronic filing fees are NON REFUNDABLE pursuant to A.R.S 10-122, 10-2020, 10-2079, 10-2145, 10-3122 & 29-851. Expedite fees (or any other filing fees) paid for a filing cannot be re-applied to any other subsequent filing. All Fees are payable in U.S. Dollars.
  • Once you submit all applicable payment information on the bank's website, click "accept". Your transaction is not completed yet.
  • Once payment is processed, you may receive a warning that you are being transferred to an unsecured site (the Arizona Corporation Commission's website), and leaving a secured site (the bank's website).
  • To ensure that you complete your purchase and receive a CONFIRMATION RECEIPT of your transaction, you MUST CLICK "YES" when asked if you agree to be transferred to the unsecured website (the Arizona Corporation Commission's website). If you click "no" you will not receive a confirmation receipt.
  • For more information, call 602-542-3026 or contact:
    Arizona Corporation Commission
    Corporations Division
    1300 W. Washington
    Phoenix, AZ 85007

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